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Green Heating and Air Conditioning Solutions

If you are like most people, saving money is high on your priority list. Also high on that list is protecting the environment. At Lew’s Reliable Heat & Air Conditioning, we are proud to offer the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly heating and air conditioning equipment available today. Your options, including upgrading your current system or replacing it, will likely result in big monthly savings while helping preserve the environment.

Our professionals will work with you to determine how today’s “green” heating and air conditioning equipment and technology can make a difference for you and the environment. Depending on the age and type of heating and cooling system in your home, even an upgrade can save you money, and if replacement is the best option, new high-efficiency systems can cut your energy bill by 30 percent.

New heating and cooling technologies focus on energy conservation by using less energy and by working with our planets natural power. Consider the following:

  • Home Geothermal Systems – These systems use ground water, which is a stable, cool 55 degrees all year round, to cool in the summer and heat in the winter. Working with your heat pump, geothermal systems use minimal electricity.

  • Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners – These units use solar power and batteries, allowing them to operate off solar power when the sun is shining, while charging the battery for use as a backup when the sun is not shining, a great option for areas with more overcast skies.

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