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Indoor Air Quality Products

As homes and office buildings are increasingly designed to save maximum energy when heating and cooling, indoor air quality has become a bigger concern from both a comfort and health standpoint. Air tight buildings can trap dust, pollen, and viruses, and conditioned air can become uncomfortably dry. As a result, indoor air quality (IAQ) products have become a necessity in some situations.

At Lew’s Reliable Heating, we understand that most people spend 90 percent of their day indoors, and of that, 65 percent in their homes. With indoor pollutants on the rise, there are steps you can take to keep the air in your home as clean as possible.

Keep the air fresh in your home

  • Vent bathrooms, kitchens, dryers and central vacuums outside

  • Have your fireplace or wood-burning stove regularly inspected to be sure of proper ventilation

  • Store solvents, cleaners and paints in a shed or detached garage

  • Have furnaces and water heaters regularly inspected for proper ventilation

  • Change your furnace air filter regularly

  • Open windows when weather permits

IAQ Products

For your family’s health and comfort, it may be necessary to take extra steps to keep the air in your home at an optimum level. A variety of IAQ products can make a big difference in your home.

  • Air cleaners – To be effective, an air cleaner must be efficient in the amount of air it draws through its filter AND in trapping the pollutants in that air. Table top air cleaners are frequently efficient in only one area. UV light cleaners are a great alternative, using ultraviolet light to actually destroy germs and viruses in the air. Ask us how we can install this device in the ductwork of your HVAC system.

  • Ventilation systems – Opening a window may not be enough for your home. A whole house mechanical ventilation system is a great option, and they are often included in today’s new construction. Featuring air-to-air heat exchangers, these systems can significantly reduce the level of pollutants in homes and offices.

  • Humidifiers – The dry air that results from forced-air systems can not only cause health issues for your family, it can actually damage your home, causing wood products to split, paint to crack and wallpaper to peel. Whole house humidifiers work with your HVAC system to keep correct and consistent levels of moisture in every room in your home.

  • Carbon monoxide – Your fireplace and every gas-powered appliance in your home has the potential for creating dangerous carbon monoxide in your home. A carbon monoxide detector will alert you when levels become unsafe.

The professionals at Lew’s Reliable Heat & Air Conditioning can help you improve the comfort of your family by evaluating the air quality in your home and finding the perfect IAC product for you. Call today for an evaluation and a free estimate.



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