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Boilers and Boiler Service

Boilers continue to be a common heating system, especially in older homes in Northeast Ohio. Their fuel source is usually gas, but they operate by heating water and then distributing that heat throughout the home as hot water or steam.

A boiler is basically a water heater with the sole purpose of providing heat. Hot water is distributed through radiators that give off heat in various rooms in your home, or, in the case of a steam system, steam is distributed and given off through the radiators. A modern version of this system is called radiant floor heat, in which pipes are run beneath a floor and the boiler distributes hot water through those pipes, allowing the heat to rise from the floor.

Comfort and efficiency

Homeowners who prefer boilers to furnaces like the moist heat they provide and the fact they can control the humidity level. Many feel temperatures are more even throughout their homes with radiant heat, and for allergy sufferers, radiant heat provides better air quality, since there are no fans to blow dust and allergens around.

Even older boilers are quite efficient because these systems retain heat longer than forced-air systems, meaning they run less often while maintaining your preferred temperature. Environmentally, they are a great choice, since water is recycled, returning to the boiler to be reheated after it cools.

Installation – repair or replace

Are you considering a boiler system for your home? You should know the following:

  • The initial cost of a boiler system is higher than a furnace. Boiler systems use pumps and pipes, rather than fans and ductwork; circulation and temperature is regulated by thermostats and valves.

  • A radiant flooring system will require additional engineering.

  • A properly installed and maintained boiler system will generally result in lower utility bills, allowing a homeowner to recoup the higher initial cost.

  • Boiler systems lend themselves well to modern zoning thermostats and temperature control products, as the individual valves can be easily adjusted.

  • Our professionals can help you determine how your monthly savings compares to installation costs.

Have an old boiler?

Our technicians will be happy to service your old boiler and get it working at top efficiency for you. A loose fitting, leaky pipe or malfunctioning valve are no problem for us, but can make a big difference in comfort and cost for you. Call us today!



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