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The innovative technology of the electric heat pump became popular in the 1970s as an alternate way to both heat and cool your home. The system works by moving heat from one space to another. In the winter, the heat pump draws heat energy from the outside air and brings it inside your home. In the summer the system reverses and moves the heat out of your home to cool it.

Heat Pump Repair Services

Although electricity is more expensive than gas, many homeowners found heat pumps beneficial in supplementing their gas furnace during more moderate temperatures and operating as an air conditioner in the summer. In those early years, however, heat pumps tended to be less efficient in colder climates.

Today, new technology has made the heat pump a great option in any climate, even in extremely cold areas. They also may be a better option in today’s green, energy-efficient homes, where even small furnaces may be too large for the demands of these well-insulated structures. And because heat pumps still use electricity to move heat rather than generate it, they still create more energy than they consume, making them a great choice for the environment.

Heat Pump Installations & Service

If you believe a heat pump may be right for you, consider the following:

  • Today’s heat pumps use variable speed motors and can produce more heat, making them viable in colder climates,
  • In moderate climates, today’s heat pumps may save you more money than gas heat and standard air conditioning.
  • Small capacity heat pumps may be more suitable for high-performance homes than any furnace.
  • A standard air-source heat pump is as simple to install as an air conditioner.

Contact our professionals today for an assessment of how you might save money on your heating bills. Whether you need service on your heat pump, are considering an upgrade or supplement to your furnace, or believe you need a new system, we can help you balance the investment to potential savings, and determine what is best for you.

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Furnace was not feeling well… cold Ohio weather! Called Lew’s spoke with Lisa in the office and she was able to have someone come out the next day. Ed the technician showed up on time and was able to diagnose called his office and another office lady I believe her name is (Autumn) drove the part halfway to meet the technician so he wasn’t wasting time. The entire staff went above and beyond for me. Thank you!

Vicky Musa

We were very happy with Lew’s Installation of our new furnace and air conditioning. The installers were knowledgeable and professional. The prices were fair and comparable.. We will definitely use them for future heat and air conditioning needs.

Paul White

My furnace stopped working in cold December weather and Lew’s was able to send a technician out the same day. The technician was friendly, knowledgeable and honest. To fix the problem, the tech needed to order a part, which came (and was installed the next day). My husband and I are very thankful for such great service and having our house nice and warm again!!


Jared was Rick’s support Tech on our new Bryant Air Conditioner Installation in March 2020. He did an outstanding job working with Rick. He is a great asset to Lew’s and his team members. They also take care of my Boiler Heating System. I would recommend Lew’s to my friends. Thank you for being there.


I had Lew’s come out today to check and see if I could get by with replacing an inducer on my 29 year old furnace. Ed, the technician checked out the furnace condition and said while the furnace is definitely older, it looks in good shape and may last a couple more years and installed the inducer. I appreciated their prompt, HONEST service. No high pressure in trying to sell me a new furnace. When I do get a new furnace I won’t think twice about purchasing it from Lew’s! and thanks Ed, you were very easy to work with!!!!

Jay Womack

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