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Zoning and Temperature Control Systems

In most homes the inhabitants can readily identify the hottest room in the house and the coldest room in the house. Uneven heating is inevitable with a single thermostat in a structure that contains multiple floors and windows.

Zoning and temperature control systems can help even out the temperature in your home and save you money by making it easy for you to avoid heating or cooling spaces that are not in use. By locating sensors throughout your home, you will be able to program your thermostat to set different temperatures in different areas of your home at different times of day.

The big benefit? Energy is not wasted by heating and cooling rooms that are not being used or are already the optimum temperature. This can translate to big savings on your heating and cooling bills.

Lew’s Reliable Heat & Air Conditioning sells and services Arzel Zoning Technology, Inc. products, zoning controls that are easy to use and attractively fit into any home’s décor. With a variety of sizes and levels, Arzel offers zoning systems that can be easily installed with most HVAC systems.

Contact us today for a free estimate and details on how we can help make your home more comfortable with a zoning and temperature control system by Arzel.



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