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Heating Services

The first snow fall and cold snap often hits without warning in Northeast Ohio. Don’t be caught off guard. Lew’s Reliable Heat & Air Conditioning professionals are ready to help you keep your heating system humming through those cold winter months. Call early for a checkup, repair services or for an estimate on installing a new, high-efficiency system.

Annual Checkup

The most common heating system in Northeast Ohio is the furnace, and it sits idle all summer. The Fall Checkup is one of the most important things you can do before winter to be sure your furnace is operational, and to catch problems that could lead to an unexpected break down. Even if you have a boiler or heat pump, we’ll provide a tune-up that will keep you warm for the winter. Our service includes:

  • Inspect and lubricate moving parts

  • Inspect belts, connections and wiring

  • Check the blower, ducts, vents or tubes for leaks

  • Inspect the pilot light and burner, if applicable

  • Inspect drainage systems

  • Confirm condition of heat exchanger/check for carbon monoxide

  • Replace filters

24/7 Emergency Response

Even the most conscientious homeowner can face the unexpected break down. Lew’s trained technicians are available to help when the worst happens. We will service furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and the most advanced systems, whether you have a minor complaint or you find yourself without heat in the middle of the night. Call us for scheduled service or to get you through that emergency.

Heating Systems – Repair and Installation

We are specialists in all types of heating systems, including today’s most advanced, high-efficiency models. Whether you currently have a very old system, are looking to upgrade, or are considering a complete overhaul, our professionals can provide service, as well as comprehensive information on the benefits of the latest technology in heating.

Your options today include:

  • Furnaces – The standard forced-air heater has come a long way. They continue to operate on gas, oil or electricity, but options today can reclaim previously wasted heat, using less energy to keep your home comfortable.

  • Boilers – As part of a steam system, they are typically associated with century homes. However, boilers continue to be a popular choice for heat because of their comfort and efficiency.

  • Heat Pumps – Heat pumps are a more modern option among heating choices. Their popularity continues to be their versatility as both a heating and cooling system.

Call today for your free consultation. New technology and high-efficiency standards in heating are saving homeowners money every month. Our professionals can help you determine if replacing your heating system would be beneficial to you.



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